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We love beautiful flower arrangements (who doesn't)!  Most real flowers fade in a few days. The real beauty in our custom designs is that our 100% real timeless flowers and foliage are natural flowers and greens that have been specially processed to maintain their fresh appearance for several months or even years! The beauty and soft, delicate textures of our decorative arrangements are indistinguishable from flowers that have just come from the florist.

We provide long lasting , low maintenance fresh flower arrangements for any commercial or residential setting. Our product requires no watering, just keep them out of direct sunlight or high humidity settings. Occasionally using a can of compressed air will relieve any dust.

Kathy D. Hopkins, an Atlanta native and Buckhead resident, is a graduate of Halls Atlanta Floral Design School, one of the South's most recognized design schools and is passionate about customizing high quality preserved floral arrangements.

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