How do I purchase?

All floral arrangements are custom made from 100% real flowers that have been preserved. Please email any questions about making a custom arrangement for you.

The inventory changes daily and may change from what is shown on the website.

Arrangements on the website are available for delivery in the metro Atlanta area. Allow 24-72 hour delivery time typically. (delivery only inside Interstate 285 Atlanta)

Some items may be special ordered.
Contact us at for more details. Thank you.

Are the flowers real?

Yes! All blooms and foliage are fresh flowers that have been carefully preserved to maintain their beauty.
Blooms will last several months or even years with proper care. No watering or direct sunlight. Do not place outdoors or in high humidity areas for best results.

Where do your flowers come from?

We source the blooms from all over the world. The roses come from Colombia and Ecuador. The Hydrangeas from Spain. Thistle from Spain and Ukraine.

Do you ship arrangements?

Unfortunately, the floral arrangements are too delicate to ship in most cases.
We can deliver in the Atlanta Metro area for a delivery fee of $20.*
(Inside the Atlanta Interstate 285 Perimeter)

Can I custom order an arrangement?

Each arrangement is custom made and no two arrangements are the same.
We do offer custom requested arrangements (color, vase, size, etc.) on a limited basis. Custom orders take 2-3 weeks to be completed.